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White and healthy smile is a desire of many people.

Unfortunately, various factors such as eating habits, medications, stimulants, cause darkening of teeth. Discoloration looks unsighlty, which may cause loss of freedom while smiling and having a conversation.

There are safe, made in a dental office teeth whitening methods, that help to improve teeth color, even a few tones. Unident offers its patients a professional laser whitening or overlay method.

For teeth whitening treatment the patient has to be adequately prepared. It is necessary to cure any defects and decay, as well as professional, thorough cleaning of the teeth (scaling, teeth sanding). It is important that any artificial additions, such fillings, will not be bleached.

There are some contraindications for the use of teeth whitening, they include pregnancy and breastfeeding, epilepsy. Bleaching is offered for people under 16 years of age.The effect of treatment lasts from one to three years depending on the habits of the patient.

In our office we use two types of teeth whitening:

Laser Teeth Whitening (Plasma, immediate)

The procedure of teeth whitening Beyond method is extremely popular due to the fast visible results and safety.

Before whitening it is necessary to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned of any sediment. Then the dentist puts special protective gel on gums and strengthens it with UV lamp. Then the whitening formulation is applied to teeth and a fluorescent Beyond lamp is used.

The lampd used during the surgery has a very good filtration system. Irradiation takes about 15 minutes, but to get a more satisfactory result it is worth to repeat the whole cycle three times. The teeth are whiter immediately after treatment.

Overlay Teeth whitening

As in the previous method, it is necessary in advance to heal and clean the teeth. Then the dentist will take impressions of the patient’s teeth that are sent to the dental laboratory, where individually made are silicon overlays to fit the patient’s teeth.