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What are dental implants?

  • Dental implants are the best option to supplement the missing teeth and fix dentures.
  • Implants are made of titanium.
  • The implant acts as the root of the missing tooth.
  • Dental implant procedure requires only on spot anesthesia of the patient.


Thanks to advances in the field of implantology we can improve oral health.

For many years, thanks to implants the patients recovered lost teeth, and thus again can enjoy the natural appearance of their teeth. The first implants were implanted in 1960. Now, thanks to nanotechnology, the company BIOMET 3i developed NanoTite™ implant to help you recover your own natural smile. The potential benefits of NanoTite implants can be compared to the security offered by airbags in our cars.

The implant versus the natural tooth.

Is it possible to distinguish the implants from our natural teeth?

Implants are an ideal solution to fill the gaps in teeth, as well imitate natural teeth.

Complete implant has the crown of the tooth, which reproduces the appearance of the adjacent teeth enamel coating. This element, which is attached to the connector or the pillar of the prosthesis is the equivalent of a core of dentin.
The pillar is attached to the titanium implant anchored in the jawbone and acts as tooth root.


Dental implants have many advantages:

  • They improve the quality of your life. You will get back the possibility of eating a variety of food.
  • No longer will you have to use denture adhesives.
  • You take care of implants the same way as you would for your own teeth


Implants prevent bone atrophy, which preserves natural features of the face


Implants provide better crushing of food eaten, which helps to digest.