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Unident Dental Center puts very strong emphasis on the fact that the prosthetic treatment is at the highest level.

Our dentists are constantly educating themselves in the field of prosthetics, participating in symposia and workshops.


is a complement to both the lost tooth tissue, and single or multiple missing teeth. Unident Dental Center offers a wide range of prosthetic services. These are: complete removable (dentures), fixed completion (crowns and bridges).

Permanent dentures are permanently fixed in the mouth of the patient. The removable dentures can be removed from it.

Removable prosthetic (artificial) :

  • Acrylic settling dentures are worn primarily in the case of toothlessness and extensive tooth loss
  • Skeleton dentures are based not only on the gums and oral mucosa, but also on the teeth. Such implants can be associated with precise elements joining or fasteners such as bolts. This in turn allows for an aesthetic and a very stable connection of denture with the teeth of the patient. Skeleton dentures can serve the patient for many years.
  • Overdental dentures. For the fixing of dentures systemic latches are used to connect the dentures with roots or implants that are located in the patient’s mouth.
  • Nylon dentures. Great alternative to traditional acrylic dentures. They are made of flexible plastic, which provides resistance of breaking and the much more comfort and aesthetics (no metal clasps). In addition, nylon dentures are thinner than standard ones, they have better effect of holding on and do not cause allergic reactions.

Fixed denture restorations (crowns and bridges):

Crown is a “cap” set on a natural tooth. There are two types of crowns:

  • Veneered metal crowns. This kind of crowns are created based on metal, onto which porcelain fired. Metal crowns are used in the complement of side sections of the teeth.
  • Ceramic crowns and distinguished by aesthetics and are an excellent alternative to conventional, metal crowns. Crowns are formed on the zirconia. This provides a depth and translucency that perfectly mimics the natural healthy tooth.

Dental bridges are very convenient and comfortable prosthetic filling, because they settle permanently in the pre-prepared patient’s teeth.
With the help of bridges it is easy to rebuild single or multiple missing teeth. They are an alternative to implants. There are two types of bridges:

  • Porcelain Bridges. These are the bridges, where the porcelain is fused to a metal substructure. Porcelain Bridges are most often used in cases of complete sections of the lateral teeth.
  • Ceramic Porcelain Bridges. Unlike traditional porcelain bridges, porcelain is fired on the bridge frame usually made of zirconium oxide. This solution guarantees bridge’s durability and a perfect cosmetic result.
  • Porcelain veneers are very thin leafs of porcelain glued to the front of the previously prepared tooth. Treatment of veneers is used to rebuild the traumatic tooth crown fracture and aesthetic correction of heavily discolored or old teeth. Veneers provide a good cosmetic result. Veneers can prevent the execution of large filling from the palatal side. In this case, after collecting the front layer of the tooth it is not possible to glue them.
  • Prosthetic implants.