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Preventive dentistry covers the basic steps for maintaining the beautiful natural smile for the longest time possible.

PROPHYLAXIS  is a simple method for the prevention of even the smallest loss of the tooth. Properly applied, can achieve the finest results in the form of healthy, strong teeth and a beautiful, full smile. The flagship task of prevention is to increase the resistance of the tooth and periodontal tissue to attack by acids and bacteria.

The effectiveness of prevention is influenced mainly by the patient, who should:

  • undergo a medical check up from time to time (eg every 6 months)
  • know the basic principles of oral care
  • know how to eat as not to harm teeth
  • from time to time subject to professional teeth cleaning to plaque removal
  • undergo a varnishing, fluoridation and fissure tooth sealing

All these measures aim to prevent or stop the development of caries, which is the most common problem for patients, and consequently leads to a further, more serious illnesses.