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In the Unident center we use the best equipment for anesthesia, through which the patient feels no discomfort associated with pain and fear of the dentist.

System The Wand

The Wand™ System is no syringe, supported by a computer device that gives the patient anesthesia before dental surgery. This system is currently used by over 600 dental laboratories in our country. This innovative system allows the anesthesia to be administered to a patient in a painless manner. This is possible thanks to the microprocessor, which checks the rate of fluid administration. In addition, anesthetic substance is injected under low pressure, which contributes to the fact that it doesn’t expand patient’s tissues, and thus does not contribute to the development of pain. This unit is used for administration of all local anesthetics used in dental clinics. The precision of the Wand ™, and the appliance meaning physiological rate, minimizes the risk of shock, which could be triggered as a result of administration of imprecise and indeterminate amount of anesthesia or given it directly into a blood vessel. Dentists agree: The Wand ™ is a solution, which should particularly benefit those patients who have previously feared the dentist.

This method is precise and effective, and extremely safe. Administration of anesthesia not only is pain free, but does not cause an unpleasant sensation of numbness of the lips and cheeks of the patient.

The injection is very comfortable not only for patients but also for the dentist.

The applicator is designed to allow of carrying the needle in a painless way for the patient.

Anesthetic is administered at all times, thus protecting the patient from the edge of the needle. In this way, other layers of tissue are anesthetized.

The usage of innovative solutions allows us to reduce concerns about visiting the dentist. Thus increasing the level of satisfaction with successful treatment, and that way it increases the number of satisfied patients.

Patient satisfaction:

  • Flow control ensures the injection of anesthesia below the verge of pain.
  • Painless procedure encourages the patient to continue dental treatment.
  • The concerns of the visit by patients decreased by 75-80%.
  • Happy patients recommend the dentist to their friends.

One injection anesthetizes few teeth.

The Wand ™ System allows for multiple dental anesthesia with only one injection. This allows you to perform more procedures in one visit. In addition, there is no need for the development of multiple punctures for several teeth (such as when sanding under bridges).

What’s the different between The Wand ™ method from the traditional anesthesia:

  • Anesthesia steered by a computer is completely painless as opposed to the administration of the anesthetic fluid via syringe.
  • The fluid is fed under low pressure, and the intensity of dosage corresponds to the computer. Thus anesthesia is not accompanied by expanding type of tissue that cause pain.
  • Anesthesia by The Wand ™ will not damage the soft tissues.
  • Sticking a needle is rotatory movement, which controls the resistance of the tissues, and not – as in the traditional method – by the pressure.
  • Anesthesia by The Wand ™ allows you to avoid feeling of numbness in tongue, lips and cheeks.
  • Single application numb more than one tooth. In the case of the traditional method, it is necessary to repeat the unpleasant stinging.
  • No view of the syringe helps to avoid unnecessary stress, which in the case of children is especially important.