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In our office we use:

  • Point X-ray

  • Occlusal X-ray

  • Panoramic X-ray

Point X-ray

takes the exact image of individual teeth with minimized radiation dose, which eliminates the risk of exposure to radiation and does not harm our patients even with many retakes. This picture helps us to assess the state of apical tooth of the patient and determine exactly where and at what depth is the tooth canal. This allows us to plan the optimal path of root canal treatment of each patient.

Occlusal X-ray
helps detect hidden caries on contact surfaces of teeth (the dentist is not able to see them without the aid of photos), as well as being essential in the detection of impacted teeth or foreign bodies and cysts.

Panoramic X-ray

is irreplaceable in the general throughout diagnosis of the patient’s teeth and the maxillary sinuses and the temporomandibular joint. It gives an accurate picture of cutting teeth, pathology in the system root, teeth, and also exposes all the cavities, old fillings, dentures and more.

All of these x-rays are completely safe for our patients. This is because we are using the latest generation of dental equipment:

  • Planmeca EC panoramic X-ray camera in an ideal way maps arrangement of teeth in the jaw and exposes any adverse change in the oral cavity,
  • Planmeca Intra X-ray scatter camera, allows very simple and precise positioning of the patient and obtains very detailed pictures of a single tooth,
  • Planmeca DIXI3 digital radiography system lets us immediately see the image on the monitor. The dentist can watch what is happening within the patient’s mouth and quickly diagnose the problem.