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All prices are indicative only. The cost of treatment is determined individually during a consultation visit.


Dental review for Unident patients 100 PLN
Dental review for first-time patients 100 PLN
Dental consultation 150 PLN
Adaptive visit for kids 100 PLN


Point picture 30 PLN
Panoramic picture 80 PLN
Tomography 100 PLN


Dental specialist consultation 150 PLN
Traditional anesthetic 30 PLN
Tooth sealing 80 PLN
Extended tooth sealing 100-150 PLN
Tooth filling (composite material) 230-400 PLN
Highly aesthetic filling 350-450 PLN
Fiberglass reinforced filling from 350 PLN
Composite reconstruction of a damaged tooth 250-350 PLN
Tooth reconstruction with a fiberglass insert 300-400 PLN
Tooth reconstruction with standard inserts 250 PLN
Healing tooth dressing in permanent tooth 120 PLN
Filling the defect in a milk tooth from 150 PLN
Colorful filling for children from 200 PLN
Teeth whitening – overlay method 800 PLN
Teeth whitening – dead tooth (1 visit) 100 PLN


Root canal treatment – single-channel tooth 500-600 PLN
Root canal treatment – two-channel tooth 600-750 PLN
Root canal treatment – three-channel tooth 800-1000 PLN
Root canal treatment – four-channel tooth 900-1200 PLN


Composite veneer 500 PLN
Porcelain veneer 1300 PLN
Composite Inlay/Onlay 800 PLN
Porcelain Inlay/Onlay 1000 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal from 1000 PLN
Porcelain crown on zirconium from 1600 PLN
All-ceramic crown from 1600 PLN
Protective crown (temporary) 100 PLN
Full denture 1200 PLN
Frame denture 2200 PLN
Acrylic microprosthesis 700 PLN
Denture repair 250 PLN
Denture relining 500 PLN
Relaxation splint 800 PLN
Adding a tooth to a denture 250 PLN
Gluing crown 200 PLN
Individual crown-root inlay 500-600 PLN
Crown removal 1 point 100-200 PLN


Permanent tooth extraction from 240 PLN
Milk tooth removal from 200 PLN
Surgical tooth / root removal from 350 PLN
Surgical removal of a retained tooth from 500-800 PLN
Root apex resection from 400-600 PLN
Frenectom from 250 PLN
Cystectomy from 400 PLN
Making connection in dental fistula 300 PLN
Histopathology 200 PLN


Implantological consultation 150 PLN
Implant insertion from 2000 PLN
Prosthetic reconstruction with the implant from 2000 PLN
Bone regeneration during the treatment from 1000 PLN
Sinus lift from 2000 PLN


Scaling (ultrasonic removal of dental plaque) from 150 PLN
Sandblasting from 150 PLN
Fluoridation 100 PLN
Complex prophylaxis (scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation) 300 PLN