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When visiting the dentist for the very first time can arouse fear and anxiety but Unident Center is different. We do our best for our young patients to make them feel save and comfortable.

We brought to life special ADAPTIVE VISITS so your child can accustom with a dental office – its team in aprons and strange unknown dental tools – and conquers theirs fears. We created also a kids room, where toys, crayons, cartoons and fable books can be found. All of the above will assure that visiting the dentist will turn from bitter experience into a fun.

Our dentists care for healthy and beautiful smile since early youth. We deliver complexed services like:

  • fluoride coating that makes teeth more resistant to acids and decay bacteria
  • milk tooth decay treatment using TWINKY STAR color filling (each child can pick his favourite color of the filling)
  • fissures sealing – brings down the risk of decay
  • painless anesthesia ensuring lack of pain not only for actual treatment but also while serving anesthesia itself.